1950 Buick Super Sedanet

The 1950 Buick Super Sedanet (fastback) is a full-sized car produced from 1940 to the 1958 model year.. It was built on Buick's larger body size that was shared with the Buick Roadmaster.

1950 Buick Super Sedanet
1950 Buick Sedanet


The Super shared a new General Motors C-body with the Roadmaster but on a shorter wheelbase. It featured three chrome 'Ventiports', as we can see on this car. Buick styling division was headed by Ned Nickles.

The 'Super' script is found above the full length body fender molding on the front fenders. Dynaflow automatic transmission was  optional equipment on Supers.

The 1950 Super came with a single two-barrel carburetor on a new higher displacement 263 cu in Fireball Inline Eight which produced 112 hp. It was able to achieve a top speeds of over 90 miles per hour with an optional Dynaflow automatic transmission.

The 1950 Supers shared with all the other series totally new all bumper guard ('water fall') grille and more rounded styling. Supers had three VentiPorts on each hood side.

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This Buick is in very good shape, finished in a burgundy metal paint. It has an original gray/tan cloth interior.

The 1950 Buick Sedanet design features a prominent and bold chrome grill, long and low body lines and a 'Torpedo' inspired rear section. Power by a smooth 263 cid Buick Straight Eight engine. These engines are using a DynaFlow transmission.

Overall this rare car is in good condition with decent older paint on a very solid, original and all metal body. Interior is original and clean. It has the original dash, instruments, heater, radio and steering wheel.